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now, I’m spending my ramadhan in Indonesia. I was trying to do “taubat” in this year, I have been trying to do “tarawih” every night, because last year I didn’t do it at all. Yeah, you know some of my excusion are I had many things to do, cush as doin homeworks, clean up my room, etc and the time was inconvinient. That was last year, so now I have to promise to my self that I would do “tarawih”.

When I came back to my home after doing tarawih, I saw the night sky. It’s amazing. A thousand of star are sparkling over there. Then, I’ve just remembered what I saw in the night sky of Arizona. The star were sparkling so bright. Did you know that one of my dream is seeing star in the nightsky and Allah gave it to me when I was in Arizona.

Arizona has clear sky, since it has no light pollution. there are few high building, so we can see the sky clearly. That’s why, one of university in Arizona, The university of Arizona is wellknown of its major, astronomy. The of U has cooperation with NASA to produce some components for teleskop.

I was lucky to join Astronomy class at the U of A. I could learn about planet and other cellecial things in the universe. I was enjoyed my time joining Astronomy class trip to Mount Lemmon to observe moon by using telescop. We went to Steward observatory. The professor explained to us how the telescop is working. He also told us how the moon and other stars look like. We were suprised about the stars’ looking. We went from university at noon and arrived at the evening. We observed the stars until mid night. Most of my friends were sleepy so our teacher decided to come back early than other U of A students. We were so glad in visiting Steward observatory and observing stars in the sky.

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