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After visiting Genting Highland, we’re so tired. We came back to our Hotel, namely Hotel Puduraya, which is located at upper of terminal Puduraya. Today, we plan to visit KLCC, twin tower Petronas. We go there by taxi. It cost RM 8. Then we go inside. We want to go in the upper floor of KLCC. We need to get in queue. Our turn to go up is about 12.30, so we decide to walk around Suria KLCC mall. All of products are branded and the prices are expensive. I didn’t buy anything.

At 12.00, we’re in line to go up to KLCC tower. We enter the lift which carry up about 40 people to go up. Then we only have about 15 minutes to walk around and take picture.

We continue our journey to Central MArket. From KLCC we just ride train. From train station we just need to walk to get Central MArket. MAny souvenirs are sold with cheap price, for example, 6 key chains are only RM 7. You can choose many unique souvenirs which are suitable to your pockets.

We plan to go to Singapore in the afternoon, so we can sleep in the bus. We buy bus ticket which cost RM 38. Actually, you can bargain for the price, because after I pay for the ticket, I saw some people can pay for the ticket for RM 22. My suggestion is you need to look for cheap price. It’s better for you to come to terminal and ask for the cheap price ticket.

We arrived at Golden Miles Complex, Singapore at 5 am. Then we look for cheap hotel.

Terima kasih…

Atas smua yg telah Engkau berikan padaQ

Sudah lama Q ingin menuliskan tentang hal2 yg telah Q dapat, namun smua itu hanya ada dlm unek2Q dan belum tercurahkan kedlm kata2.

Beberapa hari yg lalu, Q baca buku karya Erbe Sentanu. Inti dr buku itu adalah ikhlas dan syukur. Lalu Q pun berpikir, sudahkah Q ikhlas pd hal2 yg belum menjadi milikQ dan sudahkah Q bersyukur pada ha2 yg sudah menjadi milikQ?

mengikhlaskan hal yg bukan menjadi milik kita bukanlah perkara yg mudah. buktinya, mh bnyak orng2 yg ngotot pengen ini itu, msh bnyak orang yg mengeluh tentang hal2 yg tdk ia miliki(termasuk Q jg sih..heheh). Selain itu, msh bnyk orng yg belum menyadari klo ia sdh memiliki segalanya yg ia butuhkan utk hidup di dunia. Yg ada Ia selalu mengeluh saja…

di buku itu, dijelaskan klo kita pngen sesuatu, bayangkanlah seolah2 kita sdh dpt apa yg kt inginkan. Rasakanlah bhwa kita bnr dpt apa yg kt inginkan, stlah itu ikhlaskanlah keinginan itu, lalu liat apa yg terjadi..  kita bakalan dpt apa yg kita inginkan. Keliatannya simple bukan? hmm.. dibuku sih tertulis gtu..klo g percaya ya..monggo dibuktikan aja.

Trnyata dlu Q pernah mengalami hal serupa kyk gtu, dlu pernah waktu Q pngen bgt makan semangka. karena duit pas2an, ywd, keinginan itu hanya tak pendem dlm hati aja, eh..bbrapa wktu kmudian, ada yg ngasih semangka. Jadi deh..Q makan semangka. Hohoho..

Crita lainnya nih..

dr kecil, Q suka bgt liat bintang. smpe dlu cita2Q pengen kerja di NASA (cieleh..) Q suka bgt observasi bintang, pengen tau knapa ada bintang yg warnanya pink, biru, ada yg kelap-kelipnya terang, ada yg redup. impianQ pengen liat bintang itu ttp ada smpe Q SMA. Q suka bgt liat buku ensiklopedia bintang. Liat gambar2 galaksi. beuh..indah bgt.

Stlh Q kuliah di jursan sosial science, Q makin tau diri klo impianQ tu cm impian. lama2 Q lupa sm impianQ itu.. smpe Q dpt beasiswa ke Arizona. Tinggal di sn slama 2 bln bikin impianQ jg nyata. Q ikut kelas Astronomy slama disana. Walhasil, Q belajar ttg benda2 planet lainnya. Hingga pd suatu kesempatan, sang Professor ngajakin smua muridnya ke Observatorium buat observasi bintang. Beuh..akhirnya dream comes true deh..

Q bisa liat bintang pake teleskop. SeingatQ, Q liat bulan, merkurius, mars, jupiter. professornya ramah bgt ngejelasin ke murid2. trs temen2 kuliah jg baik2. Seneng deh..

stlah tak renungi, Q baru nyadah klo trnyata impianQ waktu kecil pengen liat bintang telah terwujud. Stalah Q melupakan mimpi itu slama kurang lebih 4 tahun. Allah maha tau dan maha kuasa. Pasti ada jalan lah..

just believe in what you want, n u’ll get it soon or later (hhhehe..ngarang kata2 sndiri).

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We’re arrived at Terminal Puduraya on 4.30 am. Then, we’re looking for Hotel. Actually, we didn’t want to stay longer in Malaysia, because our first plan is we’re going to Thailand. In fact, our body needs more rest, so we decided not to visit Thailand and reschedule it for next time. I spent 2 days and 1 night in Malaysia. Our plan during in Malaysia

1st day: we’re going to visit Genting Highland n Chinatown

2nd day: we’re going to visit KLCC and Central Market.

We found a near hotel from Terminal Puduraya, namely Hotel Puduraya. It’s located on the upper floor of Terminal Building. For 2D1N, I need to pay RM 41. I think that’s cheap because I share the hotel’s cost for three persons. We took a rest for awhile. At 11 am, we got our brunch for breakfast and lunch. We found halal food restaurant which is located in front or Terminal Puduraya. FYI, If you want to put your bag, so we can explore Malaysia without taking your bag, you can put it in a stand, which is name Luggage…. I forgot the name. but, It’s located near a ticket stand. U need to pay for RM 2/bag. You can leave it for safe.

At 12.00, we ordered ticket to go to Genting Highland. There is a direct bus from Terminal Puduraya to Genting. It only cost RM 11 for return ticket. You can also order what time will you be picked up. We chose to be picked up at 8.30 pm. We departed at 13.00 pm. The bus is full of tourist. It’s also comfortable. It takes about 2 hours from Terminal Puduraya to Genting.

# At Genting Highland

We took many pictures there, hahaha. There are 2 main destinations, namely indoor and outdoor. Both of them are good. But, if you want to raise your adrenaline, it’s better for you to take outdoor one and it cost RM 28. Unfortunately, there are some games that are underconstraction. So, We only enjoy some games. A couple minutes later, the rain and fog were coming and it maked most of games were closed. I felt cold then. The unhapy conditions forces us to walk around indoor area. At 8.30, our bus came and picked us up. We’re heading to Terminal Puduraya.

At night, we walked to Jalan Petaling. It’s Chinese night market, b’coz most of sellers are Chinese. Many stuffs are sold there and the thing that I like is we can bargain the price!!!. I bought a watch for RM 10. At the first time, the seller told the price was RM 15, but the I bargain it into RM 10. Finally, he gave it and I bought 10 watches for my sisters and brothers as a souvenirs. Then I walked around. I saw all sellers are welcome and offering their stuffs nicely, such as jeans, women bag, bag, food, fruits, belt, purse, nad souvenirs. But, you need to be good at bargain, if u’re not, u’re gonna get lost. If you want to buy souvenirs, it’s beter for you to go to Central market (it’s closed to Petaling). Becuase you can get cheaper price than in Petaling. At last, I was attracted to a nice bag, but the price is RM 85. I tried to bargain it into RM 35. But, he can’t give it to me. Finally, he gave me for RM 50. Yuhuu..I got new bag!!

I’ll continue my traveling story in 3rd day in Malaysia in next note..

I was arrived at Changi Airport at 10.30, an hour earlier than it should be. I had flight from Adi Sucipto Airport at 07.30.  Since we’re using low cost carrier, we was arrived at Terminal 1. One of my friends was waiting for us, then she showed us how to use MRT. She is so helpful. Actually, it’s so easy to use MRT. you can choose either to buy ez link card or single trip ticket. If you want to buy single trip ticket, the thing that you need to do is:

1. Go to ticket machine

2. choose buy single trip ticket then select the MRT station that you want.

3. The cost will be showed up and you need to put your money inside the machine.

4. take your ticket, n if there is any changes you can also take them.

MRT Single trip ticket is refundable. After using it, you can refund it for SGD $ 1. You can go to MRT by putting your card into MRT entrance gate. To take your train, just follow the sign.

Our first destination is Orchard Road. We walked around and brought some souvenirs at Lucky Plaza. I brought 3 items for only SGD $ 10. We took many nice pictures. We also saw Mount Elizabeth Hospital in where many Indonesian people  come to secure their illness. We also met some Indonesian people who are traveling and we asked about mosque around Orchard Road. She informed us the nearest mosque.

After walking around ORchard Road, we went to MErlion PArk in order to see MErlion statue, Esplanade and ride Singapore Flyer. From Orchard Road, we olny need to ride MRT and arrived at City Hall MRT Station, then we walked to Esplanade. We took our pictures there.

After there, we ride Singapore Flyer even it costs a lot, namely SGD $ 29.50 plus tax. We can ride it for about 30 minutes. It seems like we are inside a huge glass tube, so we can see whole Singapore clearly. You can see a beautiful scenery of Singapore both at noon or evening. If you visit Singapore, don’t forget to ride Singapore Flyer. You can also buy some souvenirs in there.

# Our next destination is Merlion Park. Actually, It is located near Esplanade, so you can walk from Esplanade to MErlion Park. Merlion is an icon of Singapore. Almost all tourist who visit Singapore take a picture in front of Merlion, including me, hahaha. Besides, I bought an ice cream which costs only SGD $ 1. It’s delicous and yummy. We spent our evening there until about 7 pm we decided to go back to City Hall MRT Station. We’re heading to Golden Miles Complex.

# Golden Mile Complex is a bus station. We’re planning to go to Malaysia by bus. If you want to go to Malaysia, you can choose either by bus or train. If you go by bus, it only takes 5 hours. How about the cost? which is is cheaper? I don’t know how much exactly train cost. When I was there, I prefer to go by bus. It costs SGD $ 20. The bus officer told me that there is a discount rate at that time. I think it’s promotion period. He said the common rate is about SGD $39-40. Our bus run at 11 p.m. We got nice bus with some facilities, such as blanket and mineral water. Its chair is so neat , so we can sleep well. But, unfortunately, the driver isn’t good enough.

As first time backpacker, we didn’t know about imigration in Singapore. When we want to go to Malaysia, we need to enter Singapore imigration. At 11.30, we’re at Singapore imigration and report that we’re out of Singapore. We needed to bring our bags and stuffs for security checking.At 12.00, we’re at Malaysia imigration, and we did the same thing as we had in Singapore.After having those imigration checkings, we can sleep well. We’re arrived ar Puduraya Bus Station at 4 a.m. Huffh..Finally we’re at Malaysia.

My backpacking story is to be continued…I’ll tell about my adventure in Malaysia. Just wait for it. 😉

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