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Foto di Univeristy of Arizona, Amerika serikat (2)

Posted on: December 26, 2011

@Library, University of Arizona, Arizona, Amerika Serikat

when I was student of CESL, Central for English as a Second Languange, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA, I spent my time to visit this library. I read some books n used a room to discuss some subjects with my friends.

I have astronomy class with code, NATS 102, which make me learn harder than before. eventhough it’s a brigde class for me, I have to make sure that I understand all materials. every week, I have an assignment and examination to  do.

campus, Univeristy of Arizona, Arizona, Amerika Serikat, 2008

banyak spot yg menarik utk bisa berfoto di kampus. waktu 2 bulan disana serasa kurang utk bisa menjelajahi seluruh sudut kampus. Foto ini diambil pada awal2 kuliah, krn sy berangkat dari Indonesia tgl 16 Agustus dan tiba di bandara Los Angeles, Amerika tgl 16 agustus jg. perbedaan waktu antara WIB dan wktu Tucson, Arizona (tempat sy tinggal) kurang lebih 10 jam, lbh dulu Indonesia. waktu WIB jam 10pg, waktu Tucson jam 12 malam, begitu pula wkt di Indonesia sdh lebaran, di Tucson baru malam takbiran.. 🙂

Love this city so much!!



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