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Backpacking hari 3 Malaysia

Posted on: February 23, 2010

After visiting Genting Highland, we’re so tired. We came back to our Hotel, namely Hotel Puduraya, which is located at upper of terminal Puduraya. Today, we plan to visit KLCC, twin tower Petronas. We go there by taxi. It cost RM 8. Then we go inside. We want to go in the upper floor of KLCC. We need to get in queue. Our turn to go up is about 12.30, so we decide to walk around Suria KLCC mall. All of products are branded and the prices are expensive. I didn’t buy anything.

At 12.00, we’re in line to go up to KLCC tower. We enter the lift which carry up about 40 people to go up. Then we only have about 15 minutes to walk around and take picture.

We continue our journey to Central MArket. From KLCC we just ride train. From train station we just need to walk to get Central MArket. MAny souvenirs are sold with cheap price, for example, 6 key chains are only RM 7. You can choose many unique souvenirs which are suitable to your pockets.

We plan to go to Singapore in the afternoon, so we can sleep in the bus. We buy bus ticket which cost RM 38. Actually, you can bargain for the price, because after I pay for the ticket, I saw some people can pay for the ticket for RM 22. My suggestion is you need to look for cheap price. It’s better for you to come to terminal and ask for the cheap price ticket.

We arrived at Golden Miles Complex, Singapore at 5 am. Then we look for cheap hotel.


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