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Backpacking #2 Malaysia

Posted on: February 12, 2010

We’re arrived at Terminal Puduraya on 4.30 am. Then, we’re looking for Hotel. Actually, we didn’t want to stay longer in Malaysia, because our first plan is we’re going to Thailand. In fact, our body needs more rest, so we decided not to visit Thailand and reschedule it for next time. I spent 2 days and 1 night in Malaysia. Our plan during in Malaysia

1st day: we’re going to visit Genting Highland n Chinatown

2nd day: we’re going to visit KLCC and Central Market.

We found a near hotel from Terminal Puduraya, namely Hotel Puduraya. It’s located on the upper floor of Terminal Building. For 2D1N, I need to pay RM 41. I think that’s cheap because I share the hotel’s cost for three persons. We took a rest for awhile. At 11 am, we got our brunch for breakfast and lunch. We found halal food restaurant which is located in front or Terminal Puduraya. FYI, If you want to put your bag, so we can explore Malaysia without taking your bag, you can put it in a stand, which is name Luggage…. I forgot the name. but, It’s located near a ticket stand. U need to pay for RM 2/bag. You can leave it for safe.

At 12.00, we ordered ticket to go to Genting Highland. There is a direct bus from Terminal Puduraya to Genting. It only cost RM 11 for return ticket. You can also order what time will you be picked up. We chose to be picked up at 8.30 pm. We departed at 13.00 pm. The bus is full of tourist. It’s also comfortable. It takes about 2 hours from Terminal Puduraya to Genting.

# At Genting Highland

We took many pictures there, hahaha. There are 2 main destinations, namely indoor and outdoor. Both of them are good. But, if you want to raise your adrenaline, it’s better for you to take outdoor one and it cost RM 28. Unfortunately, there are some games that are underconstraction. So, We only enjoy some games. A couple minutes later, the rain and fog were coming and it maked most of games were closed. I felt cold then. The unhapy conditions forces us to walk around indoor area. At 8.30, our bus came and picked us up. We’re heading to Terminal Puduraya.

At night, we walked to Jalan Petaling. It’s Chinese night market, b’coz most of sellers are Chinese. Many stuffs are sold there and the thing that I like is we can bargain the price!!!. I bought a watch for RM 10. At the first time, the seller told the price was RM 15, but the I bargain it into RM 10. Finally, he gave it and I bought 10 watches for my sisters and brothers as a souvenirs. Then I walked around. I saw all sellers are welcome and offering their stuffs nicely, such as jeans, women bag, bag, food, fruits, belt, purse, nad souvenirs. But, you need to be good at bargain, if u’re not, u’re gonna get lost. If you want to buy souvenirs, it’s beter for you to go to Central market (it’s closed to Petaling). Becuase you can get cheaper price than in Petaling. At last, I was attracted to a nice bag, but the price is RM 85. I tried to bargain it into RM 35. But, he can’t give it to me. Finally, he gave me for RM 50. Yuhuu..I got new bag!!

I’ll continue my traveling story in 3rd day in Malaysia in next note..


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