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I’m ready for backpacking

Posted on: January 23, 2010

I never thought I’m going to be a backpaker. I am going to explore Singapore, Thailand n Malaysia for 5 days. I hope I have enough time to explore may interesting places, foods and tourist destinations. I’m so excited to wait for the day time. Now, I’m packing my goods and other things I need.

Yesterday, I read a book, “1000 Places to See before you die”, but only e-book version, coz I don’t have enough money to buy it. I am inspired to travel around the world. I want to open my eyes and broaden my knowledge. Besides, I want to learn other country’s culture and behaviors.

Tomorrow, I’ll go for backpacking to three countries, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. I ‘m not sure whether I’ll go for Thailand first and then go to Malaysia or vice versa. That’s only planning. I have prepared my luggage and all things I need such as, food, clothes, medicines, and of course money. I’ve saved some of my money to do my great journey. In addition, I’ve prepared some of my ID cards and its copies.

If my backpacking is done well, I plan to travel to other countries. I’m so excited to visit Vietnam and Laos (I hope I can travel to those countries on this year..yuhuu). Then, I’ll go to Beijing, China to visit Forbidden City and the Great Wall…

Hmmm..It seems like I have many travel plan.., hoho… Just hope that all of them will come true..;)


1 Response to "I’m ready for backpacking"

tolong gunakan ‘Read more’ untuk memberikan cukup ruang untuk posting2 sebelumnya ya……

btw tingkatkan terus kreatifitasmu

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