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List of my dream

Posted on: December 27, 2009

Sbnrnya agak g mood nulis, tp udah lama nih g curhat.

bntar lagi mo tahun baru nih.. kmren Q udah nulis ttg tahun baru 2010, tp mo nulis lg lah..,

tahun dpn Q harus bangkit menggapai mimpi, harus lebih kerja keras lagi, smangat lagi.., jgn menyerah ya..

utk awal yg baik, januari 2010, Q mo liburan ke Singapura n Malaysia. Sbnarnya booking tiketnya utk ke Singapore, tp rencana mo skalian ke MAlaysia. Pengen liat kondisi luar Indonesia, Q bakalan buka mata n telinga buat melihat kondisi di sana, yg pasti Q mau belajar gmn kondisi di sana. Intinya, Q g akan berlibur ja, tp jg mo belajar. Klo urusan berlibur sih.. emang pengen berlibur. yah..keluar dr rutinitas biasanya lah..I hope after having a short vacation, I’ll get new spirit of life, hehe

Actually, it has been long time that I wanted to fly. When I saw a plane flew in the sky, I just said to myself that I want to go abroad. Every time I saw, I always say, “I want to go abroad”. Finally, it comes true. I’ll go to Singapore next month. Hehe.

This year, I will make a list of my dream:

1. I want to go abroad every year

2. I want to go to Europe and explore all countries of EU

3. I want to have my own business

I read a book which titled, “Secret”. It is stated that if you want something, you just need to think about it, feel it and let universe help you to make it real. I want to know, whether it works or not. I’ll let the universe help me to make it comes true.

I had en experience about a dream comes true. When I was a child, I had a dream to saw stars in the bright sky. I didn’t remember what time exactly I dreamed. I like to see stars in the night  sky, but unfortunately I can’t see them clearly because of my building surrounding me. I even have a plan to go to wide yard just to see stars shine brightly. But, it never happen, I was so scared to go out from my home in the night. Then, I just keep my dream in my heart and never think about it again. I almost forgot about it till I come to Tucson, Arizona. When I got the scholarship to study in Center for english as a Second Language, University of Arizona, I joined an astronomy class. Then, at one moment, the professor asked students to come to Steward Observatory. We observed stars by using a telescope. It’s amazing!!! I saw many amazing celestial objects. Then, I remembered that my child dream came true.

I’ll keep dreaming…


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