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Belajar..Belajar dan terus Belajar

Posted on: August 26, 2009

I agree to statement ” learning all the time”. Now, I’m studying my last materials. Actually, I’m gonna have a “great” exam. Why do I call it as “great”? because I think at this time I really have a “real” exam. All of subjects that I have learned are going to be examined comprehensively. When I was a student of university, I have been examined by the lecturers only for one subject and it’s partial examination. My major is international relations. Formally and essentially, IR student will work at Department of Foreign Affairs, based on its skills and knowlegde. Though, not all of IR students could join at DFA. Some other employee of DFA are graduated from other majors, such as Language and Culture Faculty, Law Faculty and Social Faculty.

On Saturday, August 28, 2009, I’ll have an exam for entering DFA. In this year, there are almost 6,149 people will join in. Wow..that’s such a great number of people. hmm.there will be a great competition. I’m so exicted to have this experience. I don’t know whether I’ll pass this exam or not. Yet, the thing that I know is I’ll work on it and I’ll do my best. I don’t have any targets to this exam. I just let it goes on and I’ll pass it.

Since I was graduated from my university in June this year, I almost forgot what I’ve learned. Thus, I need to refresh my mind by opening my books and read some books. Actually, I almost rest my mind to think hard after completing my undergraduate thesis. Oh..No..I need more efforts to get used to analyse some international cases. When I decided to register in DFA exam, I push my self to read International news. Besides, I seldom to write down an essay, even in English. In this blog, I just put off my emotions and ideas about some less important thing. Hags..hags… in DFA exam, the applicants need to write down some essay answers. OMG..I need to work hard now.

Wish me Luck…

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2 Responses to "Belajar..Belajar dan terus Belajar"

tks 4 your share..i like ..

I’m so glad to know that you like it.
you’re welcome 😉

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