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security in AsPac

Posted on: March 14, 2008

today i learn only one subject, namely “security in Asia PAcific”

it is an strategic studies to learn about how do many states develop their securities? do they secure their territories? what kind of military tools do they use? and how is the development of military technology.

my major is Int’l Relations, so i should take this subject in this semster.  today i learn about the history of war and kinds of war, namely guerilla war, total war, limited war, cold war, and war by proxy. our reference book is book written by Barry Buzan.

nowadays, military technology grows rapidly, there are many inventions that emerge sophisticated products. the hot terms in military tools recently are nuclear bombing or WMD (weapon of Mass Destruction) and ballistic missile and some sophisticated air planes and jet planes. some countries also spend some of their budget to improve their military technology, such as US and China. they spend more then US $ 30 million in military department. it includes in buying some new products and development of military strategies.

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